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You are putting yourself out there in a big way. You are transforming lives, and changing the world with your message.  You are experiencing record level growth, and have never made so much money. You are getting huge social media love, press coverage and are the go-to person in your industry.  You are riding the wave, and living the dream.

But there is only one problem. Behind it all, you are scared to death because you know you have not protected yourself legally.  

You teach your clients about how to go big, how to use a success mindset, how to step into their power and become the person they know they can be. But you aren’t being fully authentic, because your entire empire is at risk.  

You might have taken a chance by borrowing contract templates from a colleague or mentor.  Or you might have just downloaded them online.  You might have decided to save money by using dirt cheap services like Legal Zoom.  You don’t have a trademark.  Until now, you have treated the legal side of your business as something you want to avoid, and something you don’t want to spend money on.  

We get it - spending money on legal work can feel like spending money to replace a water heater, or a flat tire. It is inconvenient and expensive, and you don't feel that enriched by the experience.  

But this approach to your legal foundation in your otherwise flourishing business reveals a flaw in your own mindset.  A hole that could eventually be your undoing.  

It is time to up level your own thinking so you can continue your growth as a thought-leader and world-changer.  Failing to do so will render your legacy anemic at best, and even terminally ill.  

You can’t change what you won't acknowledge.  What you focus on can be improved.

And like what you tell your clients - if you aren’t willing to invest in yourself and your own success, you aren’t really ready to succeed and reach your full potential.  Get your business into alignment with your message before you have a very expensive or even very public problem that reveals that lack of alignment.  

There could be many reasons you have gone this long without developing a strong relationship with a top lawyer.  Maybe you have received poor advice from other entrepreneurs.  Maybe your mentors were also taking risks with their legal foundation.  Maybe you just plain didn’t want to spend the money.  The reason you are where you are now isn’t important.  What IS important is getting yourself out of risk as soon as possible.

And you can’t do that with a cheap service, an inexperienced and inexpensive lawyer, a $50 a month legal insurance product, or the like.  

And you can’t do that without making a serious investment to protect your assets, handwork and future.  

Here is where we come in.  You are too busy to manage the legal details.  You are too busy to even know where to start.  You have to be able to focus on your zone of genius and get your message out there to change as many lives as possible.  

What you need is a white-glove, world-class legal concierge service, that will handle every risk, every area of exposure, every legal issue without you having to micromanage any of it.  You need VIP concierge level outside counsel service so you get answers when you need them, contracts negotiated and created specifically for your unique business, and any potential crisis nipped in the bud without drama or sleepless nights.  

You know you need this. And yes, it will be an investment, just like your own services are. You absolutely get what you pay for, and the value in having your legal issues managed and the future of your business protected is priceless. Especially given your current growth trajectory.

You need counsel trusted by the most successful CEOs and entrepreneurs in the world.  You need us.

We provide VIP concierge level legal services for world-changers like you.  For a flat-monthly member fee, you get access to brilliant legal minds who know exactly how to protect you and your business. 


This is the most important Done-For-You service you will ever invest in.


  • Regular access to full-service law firm resources and expertise.

  • More practical, effective and valuable legal access than you would with full time in-house counsel.

  • Access to an experienced senior or general counsel level lawyer at lower cost than a full time junior in-house lawyer.

  • No need for you to provide our lawyers with health insurance, stock options, paid vacation, parking, bonuses or other fringe benefits.

  • A tax deduction for the fees you pay our lawyers. (Check with your CPA)

  • Sophisticated advice and subject matter expertise.

  • Access to a lawyer whose interests are aligned with those of the company– There is no incentive to “lawyer up” a matter or generate endless billable hours.

  • Access to a legal professional who will learn your company inside and out and will have a deep understanding of the company’s affairs and operations.


  • Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents

  • Commercial transactions and contracts

  • Entity Formation

  • Family and Closely-Held Companies

  • Manufacturing

  • Technology Law

  • e-Commerce Law

  • Internet and Social Media Law

  • Art Law

  • Fashion and Beauty Industry Law

  • Retail

  • Business Succession Planning