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Coca-Cola. Google. Facebook.


What do all these companies have in common?


They have a whole host of trademarks in place that keeps any other company from infringing on their identity and products!


Neglecting to register your company name and logo as a trademark is allowing a disaster to fester in your business.

It isn't just business names that can qualify for trademark protection.  Product names and logos can be trademarked.  Even sounds, like Intel's chime can be trademarked.  Anything that is unique and provides a clear identifier for your business is fair game. 


If you have a unique tagline or slogan, that can be trademarked—for instance, Nike’s “Just do it” and Burger King’s “Have it your way” are both protected phrases.


If you have a unique trade dress—that is, the appearance of your product or packaging—you can even trademark that! Tiffany, for instance, has trademarked the unique turquoise shade it uses for all its jewelry boxes. Keep in mind that you must be offering something for sale in commerce in order to qualify for a trademark.



$950, plus USPTO filing fees*

which are separate and paid to the USPTO


Trademark Package includes all of the following:

  • Comprehensive Research to make determination of the availability of mark*;

  • Attorney consultation time;

  • Drafting and Filing of Your Trademark Application;

  • Tracking Your Trademark Application process;

  • Responding to non-Substantive Office Actions**; and

  • Your Trademark Registration Certificate delivered via FedEx with tracking.




* USPTO filing fees are $275 per class of goods or services

**Substantive Office Action responses are an additional fee and are not included in this flat-fee package.

  • Regular access to full-service law firm resources and expertise.

  • More practical, effective and valuable legal access than you would with full time in-house counsel.

  • Access to an experienced senior or general counsel level lawyer at lower cost than a full time junior in-house lawyer.

  • No need for you to provide our lawyers with health insurance, stock options, paid vacation, parking, bonuses or other fringe benefits.

  • A tax deduction for the fees you pay our lawyers. (Check with your CPA)

  • Sophisticated advice and subject matter expertise.

  • Access to a lawyer whose interests are aligned with those of the company– There is no incentive to “lawyer up” a matter or generate endless billable hours.

  • Access to a legal professional who will learn your company inside and out and will have a deep understanding of the company’s affairs and operations.



  • Trademarks Applications

  • Trademark Monitoring

  • Cease & Desist Letters

  • Licensing

  • Brand Strategy

  • Consent Agreements

  • Asset Purchase Agreements

  • Trademark and IP auditing

  • Trademark and IP document management

  • Trademarks for Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries

  • Trademarks for Fashion and Beauty companies

  • Trademarks for Restaurants

  • Trademarks for Startups

  • Trademarks for Retail and Product-based companies

  • Intellectual Property Succession Planning

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