Startups & Small Businesses

You are just getting started and are digging deep - into your own pockets and into your courage to get this idea of yours off the ground. 


You know you need a few legal items now, but are so busy drinking from a firehose, that you haven't stopped to figure it out.  And you know that it is going to hurt when you get the bill. 


Still, you can't keep going much longer without at least a contract to use with clients, or a trademark or maybe documents to help close your first round of funding .


We have several services just for business owners and founders in your stage of the game. 

And we promise it won't hurt. 

The best thing to do is set up a free call with us, so we can help you figure out what is most pressing right now, and what you can put off until later. 


We have a 90 Days to Legal Liberation package that will get all of your most critical ducks in a row quickly. 


Or, we have flat-fee services for anything you need from contracts, to terms-of-use and privacy policies for your website, to trademarks and more.

More of a DIY?

Then check out Leverage-a-Lawyer®,  our award-winning, entry-level program that provides budget-friendly legal templates, information and education for first-time business owners or start ups, who don’t yet have the budget for full-blown legal counsel.


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