• Jessica Eaves Mathews

Women of Influence: Jessica Eaves Mathews, CEO, Leverage Legal Group

From the Albuquerque Business First:

What do you consider your greatest professional achievements? My greatest achievements have come when a woman tells me that I inspired her, motivated her or changed her life in a meaningful way. When I know I have impacted another person's life for the better, that is a great achievement way beyond money or recognition.

Share an act or decision that you feel best illustrates your leadership ability. I believe that if I am demonstrating my leadership at all, it is through my integrity, my commitment to bringing others along with me as my businesses and my career rise, it is being concerned about the impact of my actions on not just my bottom line, but on my team members, my family, my team members' families, my community, our city and state, our country, the environment and the world. I hope I live that way every day, and if I do, that is the best illustration of my leadership ability.

In what ways beyond your job description do you give back to the community? I co-launched Hautepreneurs in 2013, an organization that provides support, education and networking for women entrepreneurs. We also just launched a nonprofit arm of Hautepreneurs called HauteHopes, which is the first fund in the state that provides scholarships, grants, mentoring and education to disadvantaged women in New Mexico to help them launch and grow their business ideas.

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