Your company is run by a group of hard-working, thoughtful, creative, persistent, and fantastically committed people, and you're the leader of that crazy band.

You devote your life to your business for many reasons. You want to offer huge value to the world with your product or service.   You want to leave a legacy by building something that lasts.  And you want to make money.  A lot of it.  

Accomplishing these three audacious and awesome objectives involves a lot of trial-and-error.... and you’d rather not have to reinvent the wheel in the process.  And you don't want any surprises, especially of the legal kind.




Remember when you were tiny, no one noticed you, and you didn’t worry about these things?

Those days are long gone. (Hey, luxury problem. Congrats!)

Now, you need a lawyer on hand for all kinds of issues, both everyday and epic.

Do you need regular access to an experienced attorney who can help you reach your goals?  No problem. 

Do you want to pay per project, contract or phone call?  We can do that too. 

Let's talk and create a customized package for your unique and awesome business.